VTEX Tracking - Overview

This API is only available in our Brazilian operation, for VTEX Tracking customers. The APIs are used for consulting and registering services in the VTEX Tracking system.


Changes in VTEX Tracking endpoints

We have unified our VTEX Tracking APIs into a single version, so it's no longer necessary to specify the version on the URL. We have also translated all paths to english. Check out our changelog to know more about the changes.

The previous paths were not deprecated, and are still being maintained by the VTEX Tracking team. If your business' integration was built with the previous v1 and v1.1 endpoints, it will still run smoothly. No changes in your integrations should be done during critical periods. We will communicate any updates, and deprecations of endpoints in the future.


Throttling warning

  • We recommend that customers call our GET endpoints only once in every 6 hours.
  • We do not recommend, and consider as a bad practice, to retrieve data from the same endpoint more than once during a 6-hour window. This represents a major load to our API that will slow down the overall usage of our systems.



Acquire the mandatory authentication to access the VTEX Tracking endpoints.
post Asynchronous Login

Delivery Services

Operate all VTEX Tracking Delivery Services funcionalities
post Post Delivery Service
get Get Delivery Services List
get Get Delivery Service by ID
post Post Delivery Service With Route Scheduling
get Get Delivery Services List by Route
get Get Delivery Service by Invoice