Get SKU list by ProductId

Retrieves a list with the SKUs related to a product by the product's ID.

Retrieves the list of related SKUs from Product ID

productIdintegerReplace this variable with the Product ID whose SKU List you want to retrieve

Response object has the following properties:

idintegerSKU ID
ProductIdintegerID from the related Product
IsActivebooleanIf the SKU is Active
NamestringSKU Name
heightintegerSKU Height
RealHeightintegerReal SKU Height
widthintegerSKU Width
RealWidthintegerReal SKU Width
lengthintegerSKU Length
RealLengthintegerReal SKU Length
WeightKgintegerSKU Weight
RealWeightKgintegerReal SKU Weight
ModalIdstringModal Type ID
RefIdstringProduct Reference ID
CubicWeightintegerSKU Cubic Weight
IsKitbooleanIf the SKU is bundle item
IsDynamicKitbooleanIf the SKU is Dynamic bundle Item
DateUpdatedstringProduct Update Date
RewardValueintegerReward value related to SKU
CommercialConditionIdintegerSKU Commercial Condition ID
EstimatedDateArrivalstringEstimated Arrival Date
FlagKitItensSellApartbooleanIf the SKU bundle Items can sell separately
ManufacturerCodestringProduct Supplier ID
ReferenceStockKeepingUnitIdintegerSKU Reference ID
PositionintegerSKU Position
EditionSkuIdintegerSKU Edition ID
ApprovedAdminIdintegerAdmin ID who has approved the SKU
EditionAdminIdintegerAdmin ID who has edited the SKU
ActivateIfPossiblebooleanIf the SKU can be activate
SupplierCodestringProduct Supplier ID
MeasurementUnitintegerSKU Unit Measurement
UnitMultiplierintegerSKU Unit Multiplier
IsInventoriedbooleanObsolete Field
IsTransportedbooleanObsolete Field
IsGiftCardRechargebooleanIf the buy will generate Reward
ModalTypestringModal Type
isKitOptimizedbooleanIf the SKU is a Optimized bundle


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