Get SKU list by Product ID

Retrieves a list with the SKUs related to a product by the product's ID.

Response body example

        "IsPersisted": true,
        "IsRemoved": false,
        "Id": 2000035,
        "ProductId": 2000024,
        "IsActive": true,
        "Name": "33 - Preto",
        "Height": 8,
        "RealHeight": null,
        "Width": 15,
        "RealWidth": null,
        "Length": 8,
        "RealLength": null,
        "WeightKg": 340,
        "RealWeightKg": null,
        "ModalId": 1,
        "RefId": "",
        "CubicWeight": 0.2,
        "IsKit": false,
        "IsDynamicKit": null,
        "InternalNote": null,
        "DateUpdated": "2015-11-06T19:10:00",
        "RewardValue": 0.01,
        "CommercialConditionId": 1,
        "EstimatedDateArrival": "",
        "FlagKitItensSellApart": false,
        "ManufacturerCode": "",
        "ReferenceStockKeepingUnitId": null,
        "Position": 0,
        "EditionSkuId": null,
        "ApprovedAdminId": 123,
        "EditionAdminId": 123,
        "ActivateIfPossible": true,
        "SupplierCode": null,
        "MeasurementUnit": "un",
        "UnitMultiplier": 1,
        "IsInventoried": null,
        "IsTransported": null,
        "IsGiftCardRecharge": null,
        "ModalType": ""
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