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x-vtex-api-appKeyApp Key
x-vtex-api-appTokenApp Token
REST-RangeDefines the collection of documents to be returned. A range within the collection limited by 100 documents per query.

WARNING: Never use x-vtex-api-appKey and x-vtex-api-appToken headers in javascript files that will be added to stores, in order to not expose them.


AttributeWhat it does
_fieldsFields that will be returned by document
_whereSpecification of filters
_keywordSearch in all fields marked as searchable
_sortSort order

How to fill the querystring attributes

  1. _fields: Use the field names separated by commas. Ex. _fields=email,firstName,document.
  2. _where: See the query examples below to learn how to use filters.
  3. _keyword: Enter the value you want to query. Use quotes for a partial query. Ex. _keyword=Maria or _keyword=*Maria*
  4. _sort: Use ASC value to sort ascending or DESC value to sort descending. Ex. _sort=firstName ASC.
  5. If you want to fetch all fields use the _all parameter in the list of response fields. Ex: _fields=_all

Query Examples:

Simple filter

/dataentities/CL/[email protected]

Complex filter

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=(firstName=Jon OR lastName=Smith) OR (createdIn between 2001-01-01 AND 2016-01-01)

Filter by range

Date Range
/dataentities/CL/search?_where=createdIn between 2001-01-01 AND 2016-01-01
Range numeric fields
/dataentities/CL/search?_where=age between 18 AND 25

Partial filter


Filter for null values

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=firstName is null

Filter for non-null values

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=firstName is not null

Filter for difference


Filter greater than or less than

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