Search documents

Retrieve documents' information, while choosing which fields will be returned and filtering documents by specific fields.

Below you can see some query examples and learn more about each query parameter.

Query Examples

Simple filter

/dataentities/CL/[email protected]

Complex filter

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=(firstName=Jon OR lastName=Smith) OR (createdIn between 2001-01-01 AND 2016-01-01)

Date Range

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=createdIn between 2001-01-01 AND 2016-01-01

Range numeric fields

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=age between 18 AND 25

Partial filter


Filter for null values

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=firstName is null

Filter for non-null values

/dataentities/CL/search?_where=firstName is not null

Filter for difference


Filter greater than or less than

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