Search all accounts

Paging params

  • By page numbers:?from={int}&to={int}

Other filters

For proper responses, you can use the filters below:

  • By value: ?value={decimal}
  • By status: ?status={string}
  • By Id: ?Id={string}
  • By observation: ?observation={string}
  • By creditAccountId: ?creditAccountId={creditAcountId}

Combine filters

You can use the query parameter op to specify if filters will be evaluated as AND or OR for the query. In this case, the default is AND.

Let's see how it works?

For example, if we take the query string ?value=100&status=Paid, the criteria will build value=100 AND status=Paid.

Now, if we take the same query string and add the op parameter, the result will be ?value=100&status=Paid&op=or and the criteria will build value=100 OR status=Paid

Response body has the following properties:

Name Type Mandatory Description
id string Yes
balance decimal Yes
document string Yes
status string Yes
documentType string Yes
creditLimit decimal Yes
updatedAt string Yes
createdAt string Yes
description string Yes
availableCredit decimal Yes
preAuthorizedCredit decimal Yes
email string Yes
tolerance decimal Yes
availableTolerance decimal Yes

Response body example:

            "id": "",
            "balance": 0.0,
            "document": "",
            "status": "Open",
            "documentType": "CPF",
            "creditLimit": 5000.0,
            "updatedAt": "2020-03-26T19:04:49.0448493Z",
            "createdAt": "2019-12-03T00:19:21.9198519Z",
            "description": "",
            "availableCredit": 5000.0,
            "preAuthorizedCredit": 0.0,
            "email": "",
            "tolerance": 0.0,
            "availableBalance": 5000.0
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