Update rules for a price table

This method will update the rules from a specific Price Table. It will delete all the rules from the requested Price Table and create new rules based on the content of the request

Request has the following properties:

rulesobjectRules for Price Table
idintegerRule ID
contextobjectRule Context
categoriesobjectCategories Context
brandsobjectBrands Context
stockStatusesobjectStock status uses
internalCategoriesobjectInternal Categories
markupRangeobjectMarkup Rule
dateRangeobjectDate Range Rule
percentualModifierfloatPercentual Modifier

Request body example

    "tradePolicyId": "api-teste",
    "rules": [
            "id": 1,
            "context": {
                "categories": null,
                "brands": null,
                "stockStatuses": null,
                "internalCategories": null,
                "markupRange": null,
                "dateRange": null
            "percentualModifier": 70
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