Payment Provider Protocol - Overview

The Payment Provider Protocol is a set of definitions to help you integrate your payment processing API into VTEX platform, including sub-acquirers, acquirers, gateways and custom payment services.

To achieve this, you need to implement a web API (REST) following the specifications described in this documentation.

To learn more about the Payment Provider Protocol, check our Help Center article.

Endpoint requirements

  • Must use a standard subdomain/domain name, and not a IP address.
  • Must be served over HTTPS on port 443 with TLS 1.2 support.
  • Must respond in less than 5 seconds when running the tests.
  • Must respond in less than 20 seconds when in production.
  • Must be PCI-DSS compliant or use Secure Proxy to accept branded cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.


VTEX - Payment Provider Test Suite:

An extra header X-VTEX-API-Is-TestSuite = true will be sent for every test suite request, to help you easily identify it and mock any required scenarios.

Common parameters in the documentation

{{providerApiEndpoint}} Provider's endpoint for the implementation
{{X-VTEX-API-AppKey}} The AppKey configured by the merchant
{{X-VTEX-API-AppToken}} The AppToken configured by the merchant