Master Data API - v2 - Overview


This API is not compliant with data entities of Master Data v1. You can only use this configuration for new Data Entities.

VTEX Master Data is an easy-to-use, secure, fast, scalable and extensible repository. It allows you to create your own entities, store data and consult directly from the storefront or use it to store info for some external integrations. More information can also be found in the Master Data section of our API Guide.

There are internal VTEX modules that use VTEX Master Data as a data repository.

There are two ways to use Master Data:

  1. Directly from the storefront.
  2. Through an external integration.

Directly from the storefront

If you need to use it inside the storefront, be aware of the following observations:

  1. Use the storefront host to query or store information to avoid CORS.
  2. Configure which information should be public and which shouldn't, inside the data entity.
  3. Do not create query loops (the storefront may be affected with throttling and APIs may be turned off as a security protection).
  4. Never add any type of authentication key via javascript code (x-vtex-api-appkey or x-vtex-api-apptoken).


It's important to avoid CORS using the relative path.

External Integration

If you are dealing with an external integration, for example migrating client data from another service, be aware of the following observations:

  1. Use the host {{accountName}}
  2. Use the authentication keys (x-vtex-api-appkey or x-vtex-api-apptoken).

These are the most used attributes:

accountNameAccount name in VTEX License Manager
data_entity_nameName of the Data Entity
idIdentifier of a document
x-vtex-api-appKeyUser key
x-vtex-api-appTokenUser token