Get Pricing Config

Retrieves Pricing Module Configuration

Response body has the following properties:

hasMigratedbooleanIf has migrated to Pricing V2
migrationStatusstringPricing v2 Migration Status
defaultMarkupintegerAccount Default Markup
priceVariationobjectPrice Variation Object
upperLimitintegerUpper Variation Limit
lowerLimitintegerLower Variation Limit
minimumMarkupsintegerAccount Minimum Markup
tradePolicyConfigsobjectTrade Policy Configurations Object
tradePolicyIdstringTrade Policy Id
minimumMarkupintegerTrade Policy Minimum Markup
rulesShouldAffectListPricebooleanIf Price Rule should affect list price too
sellersToOverridearray of objectsOverrides prices from sellers
hasPriceInheritancebooleanDeprecated. Use the field priceInheritance instead.
priceInheritancestringCondition of price inheritance from its parent account. This field can have three possible values - "never" to the store should never inherit prices, "nonexistent" to the store should only inherit prices in case of nonexistent prices for a given product, and "always" to the store should always inherit prices, regardless of its own prices.
hasOptionalBasePricebooleanIf optional base price is allowed
blockAccountbooleanIf access to the Pricing APIs is blocked for external requests
blockedRoutesobjectArray with all blocked routes
priceTableSelectionStrategystringThe strategy used to get prices when there is more than one option. Possible values: first, highest, lowest. Default: first

Response body example:

    "hasMigrated": true,
    "migrationStatus": "Completed",
    "defaultMarkup": 30,
    "priceVariation": {
        "upperLimit": null,
        "lowerLimit": null
    "minimumMarkups": null,
    "tradePolicyConfigs": [],
    "sellersToOverride": [],
    "hasPriceInheritance": false,
    "priceInheritance": "never",
    "hasOptionalBasePrice": false,
    "blockAccount": false,
    "blockedRoutes": null,
    "priceTableSelectionStrategy": "first",
    "priceTableLimit": null


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