Retrieve payment transaction

Retrieves transaction details by order ID. All events in the transaction will be registered in this call's response body.

In scenarios of order changes, it is possible to insert a Partial invoice. The total value of the order will be updated after the insertion of the invoice, even when there is a Partial invoice scenario. The updated value is settled by VTEX's Payment Gateway. The reimbursement for the shopper is automatic.

Learn more about Transaction Details in VTEX Help

Request object has the following properties:

orderIdstringOrder Id

Response object has the following properties:

statusstringTransaction Status
isActivebooleanIf is a active transaction
transactionIdstringTransaction Id
merchantNamestringTransaction Merchant Name
paymentsobjectPayments details object
idstringPayment ID
paymentSystemstringPayment System Id
paymentSystemNamestringPayment Sytem Name
valueintegerPayment Value
installmentsintegerPayment Installments Quantity
referenceValueintegerPayment Reference Value
cardHolderstringPayment Card Holder
cardNumberstringPayment Card Number
firstDigitsstringPayment Card First Digits
lastDigitsstringPayment Card Last Digits
expireMonthstringPayment Card expire Month
expireYearstringPayment Card expire Year
urlstringPayment URL
giftCardIdstringGift Card Id
giftCardNamestringGift Card Name
giftCardCaptionstringGift Card Caption
authIdstringConnector Authorization Id
groupstringPayment Group. It represents the payment method. For each method, it can have the following values:
  • Credit card: creditCard
  • Debid card: debitCard
  • Bank invoice: bankInvoice
  • Promissory: promissory
  • Gift card: giftCard
  • Pix: instantPayment
tidstringPayment Transaction Id
dueDatestringPayment Due Date
connectorResponsesstringOrder Id
TidstringConnector Transaction Id
ReturnCodestringConnector Return Code
MessagestringOrder Id
authIdstringConnector Authorization Id

Request body example

curl --location --request GET 'https://{{accountName}}.{{environment}}{{orderId}}/payment-transaction' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-VTEX-API-AppToken: {{X-VTEX-API-AppToken}}' \
--header 'X-VTEX-API-AppKey: {{X-VTEX-API-AppKey}}'

Response body example

  "status": "Finished",
  "isActive": true,
  "transactionId": "CB452D77E7D04099A4DB0479087B1D2C",
  "merchantName": "LUXSTORE",
  "payments": [
      "id": "721CBE1090324D12ABE301FE33DE775A",
      "paymentSystem": "4",
      "paymentSystemName": "Mastercard",
      "value": 10150,
      "installments": 1,
      "referenceValue": 10150,
      "cardHolder": null,
      "cardNumber": null,
      "firstDigits": "412341",
      "lastDigits": "4123",
      "cvv2": null,
      "expireMonth": null,
      "expireYear": null,
      "url": null,
      "giftCardId": null,
      "giftCardName": null,
      "giftCardCaption": null,
      "redemptionCode": null,
      "group": "creditCard",
      "tid": "101770752",
      "dueDate": null,
      "connectorResponses": {
        "Tid": "101770752",
        "ReturnCode": null,
        "Message": null,
        "authId": "170852"
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