Get SKU Bindings information

Retrieves SKU Bindings administrative information using optional query params sellerId, skuId, sellerSkuId and IsActive to filter results and size to restrict the amount of results.

ℹ This path is an updated version of /api/catalog_system/pvt/skuseller/admin.

Response body example

        "IsPersisted": true,
        "IsRemoved": false,
        "SkuSellerId": 1,
        "UpdateDate": "2019-12-04T01:56:00.673Z",
        "RequestedUpdateDate": null,
        "SellerStockKeepingUnitId": "12",
        "SellerId": "cosmetics1",
        "StockKeepingUnitId": 25,
        "IsActive": true
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