Get GiftCard Transaction by ID

Response body has the following properties:

Name Type Mandatory Description
value decimal Yes
description string
date string Yes
requestId string Yes
orderInfo object
orderId string
sequence number
cart object
items array
id string
productId string Yes
refId string
name string
price decimal
sellingPrice decimal
quantity number Yes
totalShippingDiscount decimal Yes
totalDiscount decimal Yes
priceTags array Yes
name string Yes
value decimal Yes
grandTotal decimal Yes
discounts decimal Yes
shipping decimal Yes
taxes decimal Yes
itemsTotal string Yes
clientProfile object Yes
email string Yes
firstName string Yes
lastName string Yes
document string Yes
phone string Yes
birthDate string Yes
isCorporate string Yes
shipping object Yes
receiverName string Yes
postalCode string Yes
city string Yes
state string Yes
country string Yes
street string Yes
number string Yes
neighborhood string Yes
settlement object Yes
href string Yes Resource URL
cancellation object Yes
href string Yes Resource URL
authorization object Yes
href string Yes Resource URL
operation string Yes

Response body example:

    "value": 200.0,
    "description": "",
    "date": "2020-06-29T21:19:46.5466866Z",
    "requestId": "",
    "orderInfo": {
        "orderId": "v5006128str",
        "sequence": 5006128,
        "cart": {
            "items": [
                    "id": "2001023",
                    "productId": "2000492",
                    "refId": "35994",
                    "name": "",
                    "price": 14.99,
                    "sellingPrice": 0.0,
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "totalShippingDiscount": 0.0,
                    "totalDiscount": 0.0,
                    "priceTags": [
                            "name": "",
                            "value": 0.0
            "grandTotal": 0.0,
            "discounts": 0.0,
            "shipping": 7.27,
            "taxes": 0.0,
            "itemsTotal": 14.99
        "clientProfile": {
            "email": "",
            "firstName": "",
            "lastName": "",
            "document": "",
            "phone": "",
            "birthDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
            "isCorporate": false
        "shipping": {
            "receiverName": "",
            "postalCode": "",
            "city": "",
            "state": "",
            "country": "",
            "street": "",
            "number": "",
            "neighborhood": ""
    "settlement": {
        "href": "/accountname/giftcards/6/transactions/b476900cde63460f8e2ebc0965527310/settlements"
    "cancellation": {
        "href": "/accountname/giftcards/6/transactions/b476900cde63460f8e2ebc0965527310/cancellations"
    "authorization": {
        "href":  "/accountname/giftcards/6/transactions/b476900cde63460f8e2ebc0965527310/authorization"
    "operation": "Debit"
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