Get Computed Price by price table

Gets a computed Price (Price after all steps in pricing pipeline) for an SKU in a specific Trade Policy (or Price Table)

sellingPrice is the computed price before applying coupons/taxes/benefits (this may change before reaching the shelf).

listPrice is the "from" price (this may change before reaching the shelf).

priceValidUntil represents the next time this price will change, due to some scheduling. If no scheduling is present, this will be set a year from the current time.

Learn more about Price Tables in VTEX Help

itemIdstringSKU Id
priceTableIdintegerSKU Price Table Id
categoryIdintegerCategory Id
brandIdintegerBrand Id
quantityintegerSKU quantity

For example, in case you need get calculated price from SKU Id 9997, on Price Table 1, Category 99, Brand Id 79 and Quantity 5 .

You will have to replace the variables itemId for 9997, priceTableId for 1, categoryId for 99, brandId for 79 and quantity for 5 :[99]&brandId=79&quantity=5

Response object has the following properties:

tradePolicyIdstringTrade Policy Id
listPriceintegerTrade Policy List Price Value
sellingPriceintegerComputed Price Value
priceValidUntilstringComputed Price End Date


This is a private API and need credentials with viewer access.

Learn more about Creating appKeys and appTokens to authenticate integrations

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