Every API in this reference gets its own category listed in the menu to the left. Endpoints are listed individually but grouped by function and get an icon to identify the request method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) used.


accountName & environment

You can set the accountName variable to test requests with your own account or use the apiexamples test account. The environment variable can be set to either vtexcommercestable or vtexcommercebeta.


Code samples

The reference will provide copy-paste-ready samples for making requests to our APIs. You can select different languages, and the code will be updated as you input different parameters and set your authentication settings.


Parameter List

In the Body params section, you will find all possible parameters for the current endpoint, as well as their types.


You can input values for each parameter in the text boxes to the right and watch the code be updated in real time.


Try It

Click on the Try It button to send the request right from the browser and see the server's response.



To make requests to VTEX APIs you will need to input certain variables to the request's Header. Read more about it here.



To check the response fields and definitions, click on the response status to expand the endpoint’s response body.

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To check a response body example, click on Examples and select one of the listed examples.