Get products from a collection

Retrieves information about the products from a collection.

Response body has the following properties:

pageintegerPage number of the Collection
SizeintegerPage size of the Collection
TotalRowsintegerTotal rows of the Collection page
TotalPageintegerTotal pages of the Collection
Dataarray of objectsInformation about the products in the Collection
ProductIdintegerProduct's ID
SkuIdintegerSKUs' ID
SubCollectionIdintegerSubCollection's ID
PositionintegerPosition of the Product inside the Collection
ProductNamestringProduct name
SkuImageUrlstringImage URL of the SKU

Response body example:

    "Page": 1,
    "Size": 1,
    "TotalRows": 1,
    "TotalPage": 1,
    "Data": [
            "ProductId": 1,
            "SkuId": 1,
            "SubCollectionId": 10587,
            "Position": 1,
            "ProductName": "Creme de cabelo Softh 37:2000002 -- 1577991055.",
            "SkuImageUrl": ""
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