Create or Update Base Price or Fixed Prices

Creates or updates an SKU Base Price or Fixed Prices. The base price is the basic selling price of a product, it comprises the cost price and the markup wanted in the sale of the product. The fixed price is an optional price of the SKU for a specific trade policy with a specific minimum quantity to be activated.

Request body example

    "markup": 30,
    "basePrice": 100,
    "listPrice": 35,
    "fixedPrices": [
            "tradePolicyId": "1",
            "value": 31,
            "listPrice": 32,
            "minQuantity": 1,
            "dateRange": {
                "from": "2022-05-21T22:00:00Z",
                "to": "2023-05-28T22:00:00Z"
            "tradePolicyId": "1",
            "value": 31.5,
            "listPrice": 33,
            "minQuantity": 2


You may optionally set a list price. Additionally, you may set either a cost price or a markup value. By defining either one of them, the other will be calculated to conform to the formula costPrice * (1 + markup) = basePrice.

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