Create or change store configuration

Create or change store configuration data.

Response body has the following properties

Name Type Mandatory Description
dailyInterestRate decimal Yes
invoicePostponementLimit number Yes
taxRate decimal Yes
maxPostponementDays number
defaultCreditValue decimal Yes
automaticCheckingAccountCreationEnabled boolean Yes
toleranceEnabled boolean
myCreditsEnabled boolean Yes
maxPreAuthorizationGrowthRate decimal Yes
notificationsSettings object
daysPrior array
daysAfter array
days number
timeOfDay string

Response body example:

    "dailyInterestRate": 0.6,
    "invoicePostponementLimit": 2,
    "taxRate": 0.4,
    "maxPostponementDays": 3,
    "defaultCreditValue": 100.0,
    "postponementEnabled": false,
    "automaticCheckingAccountCreationEnabled": false,
    "toleranceEnabled": true,
    "myCreditsEnabled": false,
    "maxPreAuthorizationGrowthRate": 0.2,
    "notificationsSettings": {
        "daysPrior": [],
        "daysAfter": [
                "days": 1,
                "timeOfDay": "16:00:00"
                "days": 0,
                "timeOfDay": "12:00:00"
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