Create GiftCard Transaction

Register a new giftcard transaction and authorize the item reservation.


The Gift Card System collection was deprecated.

From now on, the user can edit the Gift Card's credit using the fields operation and value.
To increase the balance, the user can fill the field operation with credit in the body's request. To decrease the balance, fill the field operation with debit also in the body's request.

In both cases, the user can fill the field value to set the amount of credit you want to add or subtract from the balance.

Response body has the following properties:

Name Type Mandatory Description
id string Yes Transaction Id
cardId string Yes Gift card id
provider string Yes
_self object Yes
↳ href string Yes Resource Url

Response body example:

  "id": "7",
  "cardId": "155f9212323d47d5b72ba31e9a031dd9",
  "provider": "",
  "_self": {
    "href": "cosmetics2/giftcards/7/transactions/155f9212323d47d5b72ba31e9a031dd9"
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