Create GiftCard

Creates a GiftCard for a specific user


  • The field userProfileId should be filled with a value that identifies the client. It is the ID itself.
  • The field expiringDate should be filled in ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.fff


The redemptionCode field for a Gift Card is auto-generated on creation and cannot be set to an arbitrary value.

Response body has the following properties:

Name Type Mandatory Description
id string Yes Gift card id
redemptionToken string Yes
redemptionCode string Yes
balance decimal Gift card current balance. For Gift Cards newly created, the balance will be 0.0
relationName string Field to be filled in when it is not necessary to use a loyalty program for the Gift Card. Observation: A new relationNamevalue is required for each new Gift Card to be created.
emissionDate string
expiringDate string
caption string Field to be filled in if a loyalty program must be created for the Gift Card.
transaction object
href string Resource URL

Response body example:

        "id": "[email protected]_7",
        "redemptionToken": "YIRV-NGSR-ECBY-DBBF",
        "redemptionCode": "YIRV-NGSR-ECBY-DBBF",
        "balance": 122.1000, 
        "relationName": "",
        "emissionDate": "2020-07-30T15:04:42.6432065Z", 
        "expiringDate": "2020-09-01T13:15:30Z", 
        "caption": "VTEX Fidelidade",
        "provider": "",
        "groupName": "", 
        "transaction": {
                "href": "/accountname/giftcards/[email protected]_7/transactions"
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