Get Specification Value

Retrieves general information about a Specification Value.

Response body has the following properties:

IdintegerCreated Specification’s ID
FieldTypeIdintegerField Type can be 1 - Text, 2 - Multi-Line Text, 3 - Number, 4 - Combo, 5 - Radio, 6 - Checkbox, 7 - Indexed Text, 8 - Indexed Multi-Line Text
CategoryIdintegerCategory ID
FieldGroupIdintegerNumerical ID of the Group of Specifications that contains the new Specification
NamestringSpecification Name
DescriptionstringSpecification Description
PositionintegerThe current Specification position in comparison to the others
IsFilterbooleanIf the Specification can be used as a Filter
IsRequiredbooleanIf the Specification is required or not
IsOnProductDetailsbooleanIf the Specification will be shown on the Product screen in the specification area
IsStockKeepingUnitbooleanIf the Specification is applied to a specific SKU
IsActivebooleanIf the Specification is active or not
IsTopMenuLinkActivebooleanShows if the Specification is shown in the main menu of the site
IsSideMenuLinkActivebooleanShows if the Specification is shown in the side menu
DefaultValuestringSpecification Default Value

Response body example:

    "Id": 18,
    "FieldTypeId": 9,
    "CategoryId": 1,
    "FieldGroupId": 5,
    "Name": "Percentual",
    "Description": "%",
    "Position": 1,
    "IsFilter": false,
    "IsRequired": true,
    "IsOnProductDetails": true,
    "IsStockKeepingUnit": false,
    "IsWizard": false,
    "IsActive": true,
    "IsTopMenuLinkActive": true,
    "IsSideMenuLinkActive": true,
    "DefaultValue": ""
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