Get Specifications Field

Retrieves details from a specification field by this field's ID.


This is a legacy endpoint. We recommend using Get Specification instead.

Learn more about Creating appKeys and appTokens to authenticate integrations.

Response object has the following properties:

NamestringSpecification Field ID
CategoryIdintegerCategory ID
FieldIdintegerSpecification Field ID
IsActivebooleanIf the Specification Field is active
IsRequiredbooleanIf the Specification Field is required
FieldTypeIdintegerSpecification Field Type ID
FieldValueIdintegerSpecification Field Value ID
FieldTypeNamestringField Type Name
DescriptionstringSpecification Field Description
IsStockKeepingUnitbooleanIf is a SKU Specification Field
IsFilterbooleanIf is a Filter Specification
IsOnProductDetailsbooleanIf is visible in Product Page
PositionintegerSpecification Field Position
IsWizardbooleanObsolete Field
IsTopMenuLinkActivebooleanIf is visible in Top Menu
IsSideMenuLinkActivebooleanIf is visible in Menu Link
DefaultValuestringSpecification Field default Value
FieldGroupIdintegerSpecification Field Group ID
FieldGroupNamestringSpecification Field Group Name


This is a public API, so you do not need credentials to access.

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