Get Specification Field

Retrieves details from a specification field by this field's ID.


This is a legacy endpoint. We recommend using Get Specification instead.

Response body example

    "Name": "Material",
    "CategoryId": 4,
    "FieldId": 88,
    "IsActive": true,
    "IsRequired": true,
    "FieldTypeId": 1,
    "FieldTypeName": "Texto",
    "FieldValueId": null,
    "Description": "Composition of the product.",
    "IsStockKeepingUnit": false,
    "IsFilter": true,
    "IsOnProductDetails": false,
    "Position": 1,
    "IsWizard": false,
    "IsTopMenuLinkActive": false,
    "IsSideMenuLinkActive": true,
    "DefaultValue": null,
    "FieldGroupId": 20,
    "FieldGroupName": "Clothes specifications"
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