Get SKU by RefId

Retrieves information about a specific SKU by its RefId

Response body has the following properties:

IdintegerSKU ID
ProductIdintegerProduct ID
IsActivebooleanShows if the SKU is active
NamestringSKU Name
RefIdstringSKU RefId
PackagedHeightdecimalPackaged Height
PackagedLengthdecimalPackaged Length
PackagedWidthdecimalPackaged Width
PackagedWeightKgdecimalPackaged Weight in Kilos
HeightdecimalSKU Height
LengthdecimalSKU Length
WidthdecimalSKU Width
WeightKgdecimalSKU Weight in Kilos
CubicWeightdecimalCubic Weight
IsKitbooleanShows if the SKU is a Kit
CreationDatestringSKU Creation Date
RewardValuedecimalHow much the client will get rewarded by buying the SKU
EstimatedDateArrivalstringSKU Estimated Date Arrival
ManufacturerCodestringManufacturer Code
CommercialConditionIdintegerCommercial Condition ID
MeasurementUnitstringMeasurement Unit
UnitMultiplierdecimalMultiplies the amount of SKUs inserted on the cart
ModalTypestringDefines deliver model
KitItensSellApartbooleanDefines if Kit components can be sold apart
VideosstringVideos URLs

Response body example:

    "Id": 1,
    "ProductId": 1,
    "IsActive": true,
    "Name": "Royal Canin Feline Urinary 500g",
    "RefId": "0001",
    "PackagedHeight": 6.0000,
    "PackagedLength": 24.0000,
    "PackagedWidth": 14.0000,
    "PackagedWeightKg": 550.0000,
    "Height": null,
    "Length": null,
    "Width": null,
    "WeightKg": null,
    "CubicWeight": 1.0000,
    "IsKit": false,
    "CreationDate": "2020-03-12T15:42:00",
    "RewardValue": null,
    "EstimatedDateArrival": null,
    "ManufacturerCode": "",
    "CommercialConditionId": 1,
    "MeasurementUnit": "un",
    "UnitMultiplier": 1.0000,
    "ModalType": null,
    "KitItensSellApart": false,
    "Videos": null
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