Retrieve SkuId list by RefId list

Receives a list of Reference IDs and returns the same list with the corresponding SKU IDs.

bodyobjectArray with SKU reference IDs of the SKUs whose SKU IDs you need to retrieve

For example, in case you need to get the SKU ID for the SKU whose reference ID 799, you will have to replace the variable refId for 799:


Response body has the following properties:

bodyobjectObject compose by list of SKU IDs related to Reference ID list searched

Response body example:

    "D25133K-B2": null,
    "14-556": null,
    "123": null,
    "DCF880L2-BR": null

If the Reference Code is not found, the response associated to it will be null.


This is a private API and need credentials with viewer access

know more about Creating appKeys and appTokens to authenticate integrations

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