Get SKU Kit by SKU ID or Parent SKU ID

Retrieves general information about the components of an SKU Kit by SKU ID or Parent SKU ID.



You can choose only one query param per time. If you insert both query params at the same time, the request will be invalid.

Response body has the following properties:

IdintegerKit SKU ID, same as the StockKeepingUnitParent
StockKeepingUnitParentintegerSKU ID of the Kit SKU
StockKeepingUnitIdintegerKit component SKU ID
QuantityintegerComponent Quantity
UnitPriceintegerComponent Price

Response body example:

    "Id": 7,
    "StockKeepingUnitParent": 7,
    "StockKeepingUnitId": 1,
    "Quantity": 1,
    "UnitPrice": 50.0000
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