Get SKU File

Gets general information about all Files inside the SKU

Response body has the following properties:

IdintegerUnique identifier of the association of the Image to the SKU
ArchiveIdintegerUnique identifier of the Image
SkuIdintegerUnique identifier of an SKU
NamestringImage Name
IsMainbooleanTells if the Image is the Main Image of the SKU
LabelstringImage Label

Response body example:

        "Id": 549,
        "ArchiveId": 155485,
        "SkuId": 310118490,
        "Name": "chimera-cat-quimera-5",
        "IsMain": true,
        "Label": "miau"
        "Id": 550,
        "ArchiveId": 155486,
        "SkuId": 310118490,
        "Name": "Gato-siames",
        "IsMain": false,
        "Label": "Gato siames"
        "Id": 555,
        "ArchiveId": 155491,
        "SkuId": 310118490,
        "Name": "Cat-Sleeping-Pics",
        "IsMain": false,
        "Label": null
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