Get SKU and context

Retrieves context of an SKU

Response body has the following properties:

idintegerSKU ID
ProductIdintegerID from the related Product
NameCompletestringProduct Name and SKU Name concatenated
ComplementNamestringProduct Complement Name
ProductNamestringProduct Name
ProductDescriptionstringProduct Description, HTML is allowed
ProductRefIdintegerRef ID from the related Product
TaxCodestringSKU Tax Code
SkuNamestringSKU Name
IsActivebooleanIf the SKU is Active
IsTransportedbooleanObsolete Field
IsInventoriedbooleanObsolete Field
IsGiftCardRechargebooleanIf the buy will generate Reward
ImageUrlstringSKU image URL
DetailUrlstringProduct URL
CSCIdentificationstringSKU Seller Identification
BrandIdintegerProduct Brand ID
BrandNamestringProduct Brand Name
DimensionobjectObject of the SKU dimensions that used on shipping calculation
cubicweightintegerSKU Cubic Weight
heightintegerSKU Height
lengthintegerSKU Length
weightintegerSKU Weight
widthintegerSKU Width
RealDimensionobjectObject of the Real SKU dimensions, that appears in product page
realCubicWeightintegerReal SKU Cubic Weight
realHeightintegerReal SKU Height
realLengthintegerReal SKU Length
realWeightintegerReal SKU Weight
realWidthintegerReal SKU Width
ManufacturerCodestringProduct Supplier ID
IsKitbooleanIf the SKU is budle
KitItemsarray of objectsArray with SKU ID from bundle components
Servicesarray of objectsArray with Service ID that are related to the SKU
Categoriesarray of objectsCategories from the related Product
Attachmentsarray of objectsArray with Attachments ID that are related to the SKU
Collectionsarray of objectsArray with Collections ID that are related to the Product
SkuSellersarray of objectsArray with related Sellers data
SellerIdintegerSKU Seller ID
StockKeepingUnitIdintegerSKU ID
SellerStockKeepingUnitIdintegerSKU ID in SKU Seller
IsActivebooleanIf the SKU is Active
FreightCommissionPercentageintegerRegistered value for Seller Freight Commission
ProductCommissionPercentageintegerRegistered value for Seller Product Commission
SalesChannelsarrayArray with the ID of all the Sales Channel that are related to the product
ImagesobjectObject with SKU image details
ImageUrlstringImage URL
ImageNamestringImage Name
Videosarray of stringsVideos URL
FileIdintegerSKU image ID
SkuSpecificationsobjectArray with related SKU Specifications
ProductSpecificationsobjectArray with related Product Specifications
FieldIdintegerSpecification ID
FieldNamestringSpecification Name
FieldValueIdsarray of objectsArray with related Specification Values ID
FieldValuesarray of objectsArray with related Specification Values
isFilterbooleanIf the SKU is filter
ProductClustersIdsstringProducts Clusters ID
PositionsInClustersobjectProduct Clusters position in each Cluster
ProductClusterNamesobjectProducts Clusters Names
ProductCategoryIdsstringCategory Hierarchy with Category IDs
ProductGlobalCategoryIdintegerGlobal Category IDs
ProductCategoriesobjectCategory Hierarchy with Category's ID and Name
CommercialConditionIdintegerSKU Commercial Condition ID
RewardValuefloatReward value related to SKU
AlternateIdsobjectArray with alternate SKU IDs, like EAN and RefId
AlternateIdValuesarrayArray with values of alternative SKU IDs
EstimatedDateArrivalstringEstimated Arrival Date
MeasurementUnitintegerSKU Unit Measurement
UnitMultiplierintegerSKU Unit Multiplier
InformationSourcestringInformation Source
ModalTypestringModal Type
KeyWordsstringKeyWords related to the product
ReleaseDatestringRelease date of the product
ProductIsVisiblebooleanIf the Product is visible or not
ShowIfNotAvailablebooleanIf the Product will be shown if it is not available

Response body example:

                                    "Id": 2001773,
                                    "ProductId": 2001426,
                                    "NameComplete": "Tabela de Basquete",
                                    "ProductName": "Tabela de Basquete",
                                    "ProductDescription": "Tabela de Basquete",
                                    "SkuName": "Tabela de Basquete",
                                    "IsActive": true,
                                    "IsTransported": true,
                                    "IsInventoried": true,
                                    "IsGiftCardRecharge": false,
                                    "ImageUrl": "",
                                    "DetailUrl": "/tabela-de-basquete/p",
                                    "CSCIdentification": null,
                                    "BrandId": "2000018",
                                    "BrandName": "MARCA ARGOLO TESTE",
                                    "Dimension": {
                                        "cubicweight": 81.6833,
                                        "height": 65,
                                        "length": 58,
                                        "weight": 10000,
                                        "width": 130
                                    "RealDimension": {
                                        "realCubicWeight": 274.1375,
                                        "realHeight": 241,
                                        "realLength": 65,
                                        "realWeight": 9800,
                                        "realWidth": 105
                                    "ManufacturerCode": "",
                                    "IsKit": false,
                                    "KitItems": [],
                                    "Services": [],
                                    "Categories": [],
                                    "Attachments": [
                                            "Id": 3,
                                            "Name": "Mensagem",
                                            "Keys": [
                                            "Fields": [
                                                    "FieldName": "nome",
                                                    "MaxCaracters": "20",
                                                    "DomainValues": "Adalberto,Pedro,João"
                                                    "FieldName": "foto",
                                                    "MaxCaracters": "40",
                                                    "DomainValues": null
                                            "IsActive": true,
                                            "IsRequired": false
                                    "Collections": [],
                                    "SkuSellers": [
                                            "SellerId": "1",
                                            "StockKeepingUnitId": 2001773,
                                            "SellerStockKeepingUnitId": "2001773",
                                            "IsActive": true,
                                            "FreightCommissionPercentage": 0,
                                            "ProductCommissionPercentage": 0
                                    "SalesChannels": [
                                    "Images": [
                                            "ImageUrl": "",
                                            "ImageName": "",
                                            "FileId": 168952
                                            "ImageUrl": "",
                                            "ImageName": "",
                                            "FileId": 168953
                                            "ImageUrl": "",
                                            "ImageName": "",
                                            "FileId": 168954
                                    "SkuSpecifications": [
                                            "FieldId": 102,
                                            "FieldName": "Cor",
                                            "FieldValueIds": [
                                            "FieldValues": [
                                    "ProductSpecifications": [
                                            "FieldId": 7,
                                            "FieldName": "Faixa Etária",
                                            "FieldValueIds": [
                                            "FieldValues": [
                                                "5 a 6 anos",
                                                "7 a 8 anos",
                                                "9 a 10 anos",
                                                "Acima de 10 anos"
                                            "FieldId": 23,
                                            "FieldName": "Fabricante",
                                            "FieldValueIds": [],
                                            "FieldValues": [
                                    "ProductClustersIds": "176,187,192,194,211,217,235,242",
                                    "ProductCategoryIds": "/59/",
                                    "ProductGlobalCategoryId": null,
                                    "ProductCategories": {
                                        "59": "Brinquedos"
                                    "CommercialConditionId": 1,
                                    "RewardValue": 100,
                                    "AlternateIds": {
                                        "Ean": "8781",
                                        "RefId": "878181"
                                    "AlternateIdValues": [
                                    "EstimatedDateArrival": null,
                                    "MeasurementUnit": "un",
                                    "UnitMultiplier": 1,
                                    "InformationSource": "Indexer",
                                    "ModalType": ""
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