Retrieves a specific SKU by its ID. This information is exactly what is needed to create a new SKU.

skuIdintegerReplace this variable with the SKU ID that you need to retrieve details from

Response body has the following properties:

idintegerSKU ID
ProductIdintegerID from the related Product
IsActivebooleanIf the SKU is Active
NamestringSKU Name
RefIdintegerRef ID from the related Product
PackagedHeightintegerSKU Height
PackagedLengthintegerSKU Length
PackagedWidthintegerSKU Width
PackagedWeightKgintegerSKU Weight
HeightintegerReal SKU Height
LengthintegerReal SKU Length
WeightKgintegerReal SKU Weight
WidthintegerReal SKU Width
CubicWeightintegerSKU Cubic Weight
IsKitbooleanIf the SKU is budle
CreationDatestringSKU Creation Date
RewardValuestringReward value related to SKU
EstimatedDateArrivalstringEstimated Arrival Date
ManufacturerCodestringProduct Supplier ID
CommercialConditionIdintegerSKU Commercial Condition ID
MeasurementUnitintegerSKU Unit Measurement
UnitMultiplierintegerSKU Unit Multiplier
ModalTypestringModal Type
KitItensSellApart stringDefines if Kit components can be sold apart
VideosstringVideos URL

Response body example

    "Id": 1,
    "ProductId": 1,
    "IsActive": true,
    "ActivateIfPossible": true,
    "Name": "Ração Royal Canin Feline Urinary 500g",
    "RefId": "0001",
    "PackagedHeight": 6.5000,
    "PackagedLength": 24.0000,
    "PackagedWidth": 14.0000,
    "PackagedWeightKg": 550.0000,
    "Height": 2.2000,
    "Length": 4.4000,
    "Width": 3.3000,
    "WeightKg": 1.1000,
    "CubicWeight": 0.4550,
    "IsKit": false,
    "CreationDate": "2021-06-08T15:25:00",
    "RewardValue": null,
    "EstimatedDateArrival": null,
    "ManufacturerCode": "",
    "CommercialConditionId": 1,
    "MeasurementUnit": "un",
    "UnitMultiplier": 300.0000,
    "ModalType": null,
    "KitItensSellApart": false,
    "Videos": [
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