Get Seller List

Retrieves the seller's details by its ID.


New version of Sellers API

Check out the updated version of the Sellers' endpoints in our Marketplace API documentation. If you are doing this integration for the first time, we recommend that you follow the updated documentation.

Response object has the following properties:

SellerIdintegerSeller ID
NamestringSeller Name
EmailstringE-mail from Seller Administrator
DescriptionstringSeller Description
ExchangeReturnPolicystringDetails about Seller Exchange Return Policy
DeliveryPolicystringDetails about Seller Delivery Policy
UseHybridPaymentOptionsbooleanIf will uses Hybrid Payment between Seller and Marketplace
UserNamestringUserName in case the integration isn't between VTEX stores
PasswordstringPassword in case the integration isn't between VTEX stores
SecutityPrivacyPolicystringDetails about Seller Security Privacy Policy
CNPJstringSeller Company Register Document
CSCIdentificationstringSeller Identification
ArchiveIdintegerDefine what Currency Decimal Separator will be apply


This is a private API which requires credentials with viewer access.

Learn more about Creating appKeys and appTokens to authenticate integrations

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