Get Sales Channel by Id

Retrieves a specific sales channel by its ID.

Response object has the following properties:

idintegerID of Sales Channel
NamestringSales Channel Name
IsActivebooleanIf the Sales Channel is Active
ProductClusterIdintegerIf the Sales Channel has releated Product Cluster
CountryCodestringCountry Code in ISO 3166-1 alfa-3 Standard
CultureInfostringLanguage Country code in LCIDstring Standard
TimeZonestringName of Time Zone
CurrencyCodestringCurrency Code in ISO 4217 standard
CurrencySymbolstringCurrency symbol
CurrencyLocalestringCurrency Locale Code in LCID standard
CurrencyFormatInfoobjectObject with currency format details
CurrencyDecimalDigitsintegerQuantity of Currency Decimal Digits
CurrencyDecimalSeparatorstringDefine what Currency Decimal Separator will be apply
CurrencyGroupSeparatorstringDefine what Currency Group Separator will be apply
CurrencyGroupSizestringDefine how many characters that will be grouped
StartsWithCurrencySymbolbooleanDefine if all prices will be initiated with Currency Symbol
PositionintegerDefine the position on index
ConditionRuleintegerDefine what is the rule to activate de Sales Channel


This is a public API so you do not need credentials to access it.

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