Get Product's SKUs by Product ID

Retrieves data about the product and all SKUs related to it by the product's ID.

Response object has the following properties:

productIdintegerID of the Product
namestringName of the Product
salesChannelintegerSales Channel Product Context
availablebooleanIf the product are Available
dimensionsstringCategory URL
dimensionsInputTypestringProduct Reference ID
dimensionsMapbooleanIf the product are visible in search and list pages
skusobjectArray with all releated SKUs
skuintegerSKU ID
skunamestringSKU Name
availablebooleanIf the SKU is available
availablequantityintegerAvailable SKU stock quantity
listPriceFormatedstringList price with currency formatting
listPriceintegerSKU List Price
taxFormatedstringTax cost with currency formatting
taxAsIntintegerTax cost as integer
bestPriceFormatedstringPrice after all discounts and benefits with currency formatting
bestPriceintegerPrice after all discounts and benefits
installmentsintegerMaximum Installments quantity in the product context
installmentsValueintegerValue of the Installments
installmentsInsterestRateintegerInstallments Interest Rate
imagestringURL of SKU image
sellerIdintegerSKU Seller ID
sellerstringSKU Seller Name
measuresobjectObject of the SKU dimensions
cubicweightintegerSKU Cubic Weight
heightintegerSKU Height
lengthintegerSKU Length
weightintegerSKU Weight
widthintegerSKU Width
unitMultiplierintegerSKU Unit Multiplier
rewardValueintegerReward value for Reward Program
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