Get Product by RefId

Retrieves a specific product by its Reference ID.

Response object has the following properties:

idintegerID of the Product
namestringName of the Product
DepartmentIdintegerID of product department
CategoryIdintegerID of product Category
BrandIdintegerID of the product Brand
LinkIdstringCategory URL
RefIdstringProduct Reference ID
IsVisiblebooleanIf the product are visible in search and list pages
DescriptionstringProduct Description, HTML is allowed
DescriptionShortstringProduct Short Description
ReleaseDatestringProduct Release Date, for list ordering and product cluster highlight
KeyWordsstringAlternatives Keywords to improve the product findability
TitlestringMeta Title for the Product page
IsActivebooleanIf the product is Active
TaxCodestringSKU Tax Code
MetaTagDescriptionstringMeta Description for the Product page
SupplierIdstringProduct Supplier ID
ShowWithoutStockbooleanIf the product can be visible without stock
ListStoreIdintegerArray with the ID of all the Sales Channel that are related to the product
AdWordsRemarketingCodeintegerObsolete Field
LomadeeCampaignCodeintegerObsolete Field
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