Get Product by ID

Retrieves a specific Product by its ID. This information is exactly what is needed to create a new Product.

Response body object has the following properties:

IdintegerProduct ID
NamestringProduct Name
DepartmentIdintegerProduct Department ID
CategoryIdintegerProduct Category ID
BrandIdintegerProduct Brand ID
LinkIdstringText Link
RefIdstringProduct Referecial Code
IsVisiblebooleanIf the Product is visible on the store
DescriptionstringProduct Description
DescriptionShortstringComplement Name
ReleaseDatestringProduct Release Date
KeyWordsstringSubstitutes words for the Product
TitlestringTag Title
IsActivebooleanIf the Product is active or not
TaxCodestringProduct Fiscal Code
MetaTagDescriptionstringMeta Tag Description
SupplierIdintegerProduct Supplier ID
ShowWithoutStockbooleanDefines if the Product will remain being shown in the store even if it’s out of stock
AdWordsRemarketingCodestringCode specific for AdWords Remarketing
LomadeeCampaignCodestringCode specific for Lomadee Campaign
ScoreintegerValue used for Product search ordenation

Response body example:

   "Name": "insert product test",
   "DepartmentId": 1,
   "CategoryId": 2,
   "BrandId": 2000000,
   "LinkId": "insert-prodduct-test",
   "RefId": "310117869",
   "IsVisible": true,
   "Description": "texto de descrição",
   "DescriptionShort": "Utilize o CEP 04548-005 para frete grátis",
   "ReleaseDate": "2019-01-01T00:00:00",
   "KeyWords": "teste,teste2",
   "Title": "product de teste",
   "IsActive": true,
   "TaxCode": "",
   "MetaTagDescription": "tag test",
   "SupplierId": 1,
   "ShowWithoutStock": true,
   "AdWordsRemarketingCode": null,
   "LomadeeCampaignCode": null,
   "Score": 1
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