Get Category by ID

Retrieves general information about a Category

Response body has the following properties:

IdintegerCategory ID
NamestringCategory Name
FatherCategoryIdintegerID of the father category, apply in case of category and subcategory
TitlestringCategory Title
DescriptionstringDescribes details about the Category
KeywordsstringSubstitutes words for the Category
IsActivebooleanShows if the Category is active or not
LomadeeCampaignCodestringShows the specific code for the LomadeeCampaign
AdWordsRemarketingCodestringShows the specific code for the AdWords remarketing platform
ShowInStoreFrontbooleanShows if is on side and upper menu
ShowBrandFilterbooleanIf Category has Brand filter
ActiveStoreFrontLinkbooleanIf the Category has an active link on the website
GlobalCategoryIdintegerGoogle Global Category ID
StockKeepingUnitSelectionModestringShows how the SKU will be exhibit
ScoreintegerScore for search ordination
LinkIdstringText Link
HasChildrenbooleanIf the Category has a Category Child

Response body example:

    "Id": 1,
    "Name": "Home Appliances",
    "FatherCategoryId": null,
    "Title": "Home Appliances",
    "Description": "Discover our range of home appliances. Find smart vacuums, kitchen and laundry appliances to suit your needs. Order online now.",
    "Keywords": "Kitchen, Laundry, Appliances",
    "IsActive": true,
    "LomadeeCampaignCode": "",
    "AdWordsRemarketingCode": "",
    "ShowInStoreFront": true,
    "ShowBrandFilter": true,
    "ActiveStoreFrontLink": true,
    "GlobalCategoryId": 3367,
    "StockKeepingUnitSelectionMode": "LIST",
    "Score": null,
    "LinkId": "Alimentacao",
    "HasChildren": true
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