Cancel order

You should use this endpoint to cancel an order by its order identification number (the orderId).

A common scenario is one where the seller has a problem with the order fulfillment and needs to request the order cancellation to the marketplace. To do this, the seller would need to make this request, passing the orderId in the URL.

You should expect a response with the date when the notification was received, the orderId, and a receipt protocol code.

Be aware that if the order status is already Invoiced, the order can only be canceled if—before using this request—you send a return invoice through the Order Invoice Notification endpoint.

The Cancel order resource is needed to use this API request. This is included in OMS - Full access and IntegrationProfile - Fulfillment Oms, among other default roles available in the Admin. Learn more about the License manager roles and resources.

Response codes

These are the possible response codes you should expect:

  • 200 - Success
  • 429 - Too many requests
  • 403 - The credentials are not enabled to access the service
  • 404 - Value not found

Response body fields

These are the fields of the body of a successful response.






Date and time when the notification was received.



Identification of the order in the seller.



Protocol code generated by the update. It may be null.

Response body example

   "date": "2014-02-07T15:22:56.7612218-02:00",
   "orderId": "123543123",
   "receipt": "38e0e47da2934847b489216d208cfd91"
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