Similar Products Variants

The Similar Products Variants app returns similar products related to an SKU so users can select other colors or types of the same product.


Before you start

  1. Set up similar products in your store’s Products and SKU. Access your store’s Admin and go to Products > Catalog > Products and SKU.
  2. In Products and SKU, in the column SKU, click on the desired SKU.
  3. In the field Similar (Alternative Products), type the product name you desire


  1. Then, In Products and SKU, in the column SKU, click on the one you have added in the last step.
  2. Go to the Images tab, and on the field Label, type a name to identify the image displayed in the thumbnail through the imageLabel prop of the Similar Products Variants app.

Now, follow the app’s configuration below to show the similar products you have set up.


  1. Using VTEX IO CLI, install the app by running the following:
vtex install vtex.similar-products-variants
  1. Add the vtex.similar-products-variants app to your theme's dependencies in the manifest.json
"dependencies": {
    "vtex.similar-products-variants": “0.x”
  1. Add the similar-products-variants block to the product template you desire, such as store.product, to display a similar product list.
  "flex-layout.col#right-col": {
    "props": {
      "preventVerticalStretch": true,
      "rowGap": 0
    "children": [
    + "similar-products-variants",
  "similar-products-variants": {
      "props": {
          "imageLabel": "swatch"
Prop nameTypeDescriptionDefault value
imageLabelStringThe identifier of the image thumbnail displayed for each variant. The identifier is set in the Admin’s Catalog. If the label does not exist or is not defined, the first image is used.null


To apply CSS customizations in this and other blocks, follow the instructions given in the recipe on Using CSS Handles for store customization.

CSS Handles

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