Sidecar pixel app

Integrate your store with the Sidecar solution by simply using the VTEX IO Sidecar pixel app.

:information_source: The Sidecar solution is used to track and manage Google Shopping campaigns, as well as individual product performance.

What has changed

In order to use the Sidecar solution on your website, you need to add a script in your Google Tag Manager.

However, as we previously announced, the integration between store and third-party service using custom script tags is no longer supported and should be done natively using pixel apps.

Main advantages

This new feature allows Sidecar clients to continue implementing this solution in their store by simply installing the new pixel app and configuring their credentials.

What you need to do

To install Sidecar pixel app in your store, follow the steps below:

1. Open your terminal and run:

vtex install [email protected]

2. Open the Apps section in your store admin by accessing the following URL:


3. Click on the Sidecar box and fill in your Site Domain and Site ID. Then, click on Save.

:warning: Installing the pixel app does not automatically contract Sidecar services, but merely provides a native integration together with a solution. It is therefore only available to those that already use this solution in their store.

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