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This is a Cookiebot first party integration app. The solution helps make your use of cookies and online tracking compliant.

Cookie dialogCookie dialog


  1. Install the vtex.cookiebot app;
  2. In your VTEX account's admin, open the App section and select the Cookiebot App box;
  3. Fill in your Domain Group ID. You can find yours at the Cookiebot Settings page;

Cookiebot Domain IDCookiebot Domain ID

  1. On the Settings page, make sure you use Active Consent;

  1. On the Cookies page, run a Scan. After the scan is complete, make sure the following cookies are categorized as Necessary: ASPXAUTH,, CookieConsent, device, vtex_segment, vtex_session, VtexFingerPrint, VtexRCMacIdv7, VtexRCRequestCounter, VtexRCSessionIdv7, VtexWorkspace;
  2. Save your changes.

This pixel app also creates the page /cookie-declaration in your store with Cookiebot's Cookie declaration:

Cookie declaration pageCookie declaration page

You can edit the new page using the admin's Site Editor.

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