VTEX Tracking API: changes in all paths

VTEX Tracking API

We have unified our VTEX Tracking APIs into a single version, so it's no longer necessary to specify the version on the URL. We have also translated all paths to english.

Previously, users could access VTEX Tracking v1 and VTEX Tracking v1.1 endpoints. The only difference between the two versions, was that v1.1 retrieved a pictures object in delivery service responses. We have now unified both versions, and translated paths to english.

No endpoints were deleted, and no attributes were changed. Check out the updated documentation for the unified VTEX Tracking APIs.


All versions are still available

The previous paths were not deprecated, and are still being maintained by the VTEX Tracking team. If your business' integration was built with the previous v1 and v1.1 endpoints, it will still run smoothly. No changes in your integrations should be done during the Black Friday period. We will communicate any updates, and deprecations of endpoints in the future.

Previous path - v1

Previous Path - v1.1

Current Path

post /receiver/v1/auth

post /receiver/v1.1/auth

post /receiver/auth

get putpost/receiver/v1/servicos

getput post/receiver/v1.1/servicos

getput post/receiver/services

get /receiver/v1/servicos/{{idDeliveryService}}

get /receiver/v1.1/servicos/{{idDeliveryService}}

get /receiver/services/{{idDeliveryService}}

get /receiver/v1/servicos/nf

get /receiver/v1.1/servicos/nf

get /receiver/services/invoice

getpost /receiver/v1/servicos/roteirizado

getpost /receiver/v1.1/servicos/roteirizado

getpost /receiver/services/routes

post /receiver/v1/servicos/roteirizacao

post /receiver/v1.1/servicos/roteirizacao

post /receiver/services/routes