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Responsive Values

Utility for using props that accept different values for different devices or media queries.

For example, a given prop could accept both just a number...

props: { quantity: 1, }

...or different values depending on the device or a media query:

props: { quantity: { mobile: 1, desktop: 2, '(min-width: 1500px)': 4, } }

...and the component, in turn, would use it like this:

import { useResponsiveValue } from 'vtex.responsive-values' const MyComponent = ({ quantity }) => { const quantity = useResponsiveValue(quantity) return <span>{quantity}</span> } <MyComponent quantity={1} /> {/* always returns 1 */} <MyComponent quantity={{ '(min-width: 1500px)': 4, desktop: 2, mobile: 1, }} /> {/* returns 1 on mobile devices, 2 on desktop */}

Alternately, if you want to apply it to multiple values at once, or even the entire props object, you can use the hook useResponsiveValues (notice the plural) hook.

import { useResponsiveValues } from 'vtex.responsive-values' const MyComponent = props => { const { margin, padding } = useResponsiveValues( { margin: props.margin, padding: props.padding } ) return ( <section style={{ margin, padding }}> <span>{props.children}</span> </section> ) } <MyComponent margin={4} padding={4} /> {/* always returns margin 4 / padding 4 */} <MyComponent margin={{ desktop: 4, mobile: 2, }} padding={{ desktop: 4, mobile: 2, }} /> {/* returns 1 on mobile devices, 2 on desktop */}

There are some things to keep in mind when using media queries:

  • Media queries take precedence over devices. If one matches, any device-specific value is ignored.
  • Media queries are written following the standard media query syntax.
  • The definiton order matters. If more than one media query is matched, the first matched one is used.


Props that use this hook accept either a value by itself, or an object with the following options: phone and tablet separately (or just mobile for both), desktop and generic media queries.

If there is any missing device, it will fallback to the next largest one. For example, if only the values of phone and desktop are passed, tablet devices will receive the value from desktop. Media queries have no fallback behavior.

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