Promotions & Taxes API - Overview


Check the new Promotions onboarding guide. We created this guide to improve the onboarding experience for developers at VTEX. It assembles all documentation on our Developer Portal about the Promotions and is organized by focusing on the developer's journey.

The Promotions & Taxes API allows you to manage and retrieve all promotions, coupons and tax rules from your VTEX store.



post Create multiple coupons
post Create coupon
get Get coupon by coupon code
get Get archived coupon by coupon code
post Archive coupon by coupon code
post Update coupon
get Get all coupons
post Coupon Massive Generation
get Get coupon usage
post Unarchive coupon by coupon code

Promotions and Taxes

get Get All Promotions
get Get All Taxes
get Get Promotion or Tax By ID
post Create or Update Promotion or Tax
post Create Multiple SKU Promotion
put Update Multiple SKU Promotion
post Archive Promotion or Tax
post Unarchive Promotion or Tax
get List archived Promotions
get List archived Taxes

Campaign Audiences

get Get campaign audience configuration
post Create campaign audience