Marketplace API overview

The Marketplace API enables marketplaces and sellers hosted on VTEX to perform their collaborative operations.



The marketplace must create an appKey and appToken for each non-VTEX seller that will use this API.


Get Suggestions

Search and filter all suggestions using specific criteria.
get Get all SKU Suggestions
get Get SKU Suggestion by ID

Manage Suggestions

Send or delete SKU suggestions from the seller to marketplace.
put Send SKU Suggestion
delete Delete SKU Suggestion

Get Versions

Search and filter all versions of suggestions, using specific criteria.
get Get all versions
get Get version by ID

Match Received SKUs

Match SKU suggestions received in the marketplace.
put Match Received SKUs individually
put Match Multiple Received SKUs


Endpoints used by sellers to notify marketplaces that the price or inventory language has changed for one of their SKUs.

post Notify marketplace of price update
post Notify marketplace of inventory update

SKU Approval Settings

Allows marketplaces to configure rules for automatically and manually approving SKUs received from sellers.

getGet autoApprove Status in Account Settings
putActivate autoApprove in Marketplace's Account
getGet Account's Approval Settings
putSave Account's Approval Settings
getGet Seller's Approval Settings
putSave Seller's Approval Settings
putActivate autoApprove Setting for a Seller

Review Received SKUs

Allows marketplace operators to request sellers to review the sent SKUs that were either refused or pending approval. Thus, marketplace operators can point out the exact fields that need sellers’ review.
getGet SKU’s review information
putRequest SKU review from seller

Matched Offers

Offers are seller products and SKUs that were sent to the marketplace, and already have their price and inventory level configured.
getGet Matched Offers List
getGet Matched Offer's Data by SKU ID
getGet Matched Offer's Data by Product ID