Get invoiced orders placed in inStore

To get the invoiced orders that were made through inStore, it is necessary that the team of developers responsible for your store create an integration using the Order Feed. To do this, follow the settings below:

  1. Configure the feed notifications with the order filter with the following information:
  • The "status" field with the value "invoiced".
  • The "customData.cart-type" field with a value of "INSTORE".
  1. Once the feed is set up, you can check the notifications of the orders placed by inStore. In the notification, there will be the "OrderId" field that must be used in the Get order endpoint.
  2. Use the Get order endpoint to query the order information. The order must contain the following data:
  • The salesChannel field with the ID of the business policy used by the sales channel.
  • The field "isCheckedIn" with the value true for orders placed in the physical store.

From this information, a billing middleware for the physical store integrated with inStore is required to perform this query. You must contract a middleware from VTEX by contacting our Support.


To check the order once, you can also use the List orders endpoint, but we do not recommend the use for integrations.

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