What is Store Framework

The foundation needed for any storefront structure


No matter which online store we are browsing in, it's frequent to see highlighted products in the window display along with a search bar, menus, product pages, buy buttons, a logo, and so on. Given these similarities, it's possible to say that, no matter the store’s unique identity, online store components intertwine.
Hence, by having shareable component structures available, the process of developing a storefront can become fast and easy - and that's where Store Framework comes into play!

An open-source project

Build comprehensive shopping experiences that never get old! Evolve your code and contribute to the framework's evolution as an open source project, benefiting from forum discussion and requesting new features through Store Discussion. VTEX Open Source native apps and documentation are fully stored in the VTEX Apps Organization on GitHub, meaning that the documentation, as well as the code, are open-source and may be contributed to by creating new Pull Requests.

Standardize the way your team develops front-end code

Based on the VTEX IO development platform and React technologies, the VTEX Store Framework is responsible for building the storefront and providing native e-commerce components, all written in JSON.

Flexible blocks that add different layout elements into your store. Each layout block is exported by a storefront app, which allows customizing the blocks structure of your Store Framework pages.


Every storefront element rendered on your store's website! Each content block is exported by an app responsible for building the essential components of a page, such as Minicart and Add To Cart button.


Apps that do not export blocks, but a feature! For example, the app that generates your store's sitemap is a Functional App. Notice that these apps are not rendered by themselves, but they have an important role in your store operation.


Applications that integrate a third-party solution into your store's website! For example, you can send your store's view events to analysis tools, such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, through our pixel apps.


Highly flexible and customizable components

Each Store Framework block has its own properties and CSS Handles that allow it to adapt to your style and behavior. This block flexibility was masterminded so that you no longer face difficulties when building your brand and identity, helping you decrease store implementation time.

Be natively integrated with VTEX APIs

Our core commerce capabilities, provided by over 70 shared microservices, are available for flexible customization through our REST APIs. This allows our clients to integrate third-party solutions to a single platform for all experiences.

The fastest possible go-to-market time

Build your store's entire front in the fastest time-to-market, coupled with the lowest maintenance cost and highest customizable framework. In addition, benefit from an accelerated and scalable evolution of your business thanks to a community of developers making every store block — and therefore your own store — better every day.

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