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This application was created by ACCT


Dito-CRM App collects user information that can be transformed in data to make right decison, track relevant information and use a dashboard to extract relatories. for more information, please visit dito's website.


You can easilly install DitoCRM App by visiting your admin app store.


Setting up your keys

After installing the app you will be asked to fill up and save your keys.


After saving your keys you're good to go.

Installing via Toolbelt/terminal

If you are using VTEX Toolbelt run the following command:

vtex install acupula.ditocrm

Accept the terms and you're ready to use the App.

Important Note

This pixel app is based on vtex io store-theme so keep in mind that if you have any modification that is not native from vtex will not trigger the expected event.
e.g: AddToCart event won't occur if your Cart is somehow customized with a react component.


If you have any questions or need some help contact us at [email protected]

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