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Release Notes
VTEX IO Release Notes - April 2020

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The VTEX IO Release Notes is here, team!

Thrilled to announce that this April's Release Notes brings a ton of beautiful releases to enlighten your cloudy days at home.

Let me share an insider's tip with you: schedule a time of your day to go through it all... you don't want to get left behind on the latest key changes on the platform!

Get a sneak peek at last month's releases:

Features 🚀

  • Overlay Layout app - A layout app that provides you blocks to create a dropdown, select or a tooltip component in your store. Sounds amazing and simple... and it actually is!

  • Condition Layout app - You now get to define different layouts for the same page. This one seems like magic but it's not: choose predefined conditions and have the power to decide if a block should be rendered or not.

  • Seller Selector app - Marketplace stores will really enjoy from this one: use this app and display the number of sellers available for each product, enabling users to compare prices and add the desired product to their cart.

  • Quickorder app - Designed for B2B scenarios, the Quickorder app is here to speed up buying processes by offering tools to process large orders in bulk.

  • Google Customer Reviews pixel app - A native integration for Google's service that collects feedback from customers who’ve made a purchase on your site is now a couple configs away.

  • Cookiebot pixel app - The native integration for the Cookiebot solution is live. This pixel app is responsible for that handling the privacy and cookie policy for your store.

  • Iubenda pixel app - Three is a charm, isn't it? This pixel provides native integration with the Iubenda solution that also handles the privacy and cookie policy for your store.

  • Trustpilot pixel app - Yep, that's right. Fourth pixel app of the evening. This one is for a native integration with the Trustpilot solution, responsible for providing your store with review and rating tools.

  • VTEX Intelligent Search - Get to know the VTEX Intelligent Search application for e-commerce. The new solution provides search components and a brand new Search Engine to assist customers during their purchase journey in VTEX IO stores. Take a look!

Improvements ➕

  • Public app documentation - Publish an app on the VTEX IO platform and win a public documentation slot in VTEX IO Docs! This functionality is not new, but its communication is: from now on, VTEX IO CLI (version 2.101.0 or higher) will display the public documentation's link each time an app is successfully published!

  • VTEX IO CLI commands - The VTEX IO CLI has undergone an improvement: now, every command has its own --help flag. When running vtex {commandName} --help in the terminal, you can expect the command's documentation to be shown!

  • CSS Handles - Let's talk about good news related to CSS Handles for the Rich Text (tableTr, tableTh and tableTd), Drawer (opened, closed and moving) and the Filter Navigator block (filtersWrapper and filtersWrapperMobile ) from the Search Results app.

  • Product Quantity's unit measurements - The Product Quantity app now works with different unit measurements... that's right. Previously, the component would only display products by number of units. Now, the default for the new component is to always effortlessly display the product's defined measurement unit, such as kg.

  • Modal Layout triggering - No more repeated content: the modal content displayed from the Modal Layout app can now be triggered just once during the user session thanks to the new trigger prop.

  • Aspect Radio on Product Summary Images - The Product Summary Image block has two new props (maxHeight and aspectRatio) that help display your images in a uniform manner, irrespective of their original size.

  • search-products-progress-bar block - The Search Results app now has a new block calledsearch-products-progress-bar, which is responsible for displaying a progress bar indicating the total amount of products fetched in the search comparing to the amount being displayed on the page.

  • Sandbox URL - When using a Sandbox component, it is now possible to open a URL in the same browser tab in which you are navigating.

Still with us? I hope so, my friend, because our team wasn't fooling around in April...

  • back-to-top-button block - Brand new back-to-top-button block from the Store Components app redirects users to the top of the page when clicked on.

  • Query strings in the Store Link's URLs - Say hello to query string attributes in the Store Link blocks! These are now allowed in the URLs used by the component.

  • Event Configurations - In the Release Notes for March, we announced that the Configurations builder allows you to develop service configuration apps mainly through routes. Now, the Builder also works with events, which means that you can use the last one to add configurations in your service app.

  • product-spot-price block - The Product Prices app just got lucky and gained a new block responsible for rendering the product spot price (the product-spot-price) if this price differs from the product selling price.

  • Infocard markdown texts - Good news: Infocard block has a new prop called textMode that supports markdown texts in bold and italic!

  • Infocard links - Another one for the Infocard: the new props callToActionLinkTarget and linkTarget allow you to control whether the block's links will redirect users to a new browser page or not.

Removals ⛔

  • vtex install command - The vtex install command underwent changes to improve the installation flow of apps: now, whenever both version's major and minor have been defined through the command, you'll need to also define the desired patch, meaning that commands such as vtex install vtex.render-server@8.0.x won't be able to install the app. To know more about how to properly install an app using VTEX IO CLI, check out our documentation on installing an app.

Notable bug fixes 🐛

  • Mobile Filter Navigator - A 'close' button was missing by mobile users in the filter-navigator block . Now, that button is present once again and users are able to apply or clear filters and finally close the filters window.

  • Quantity Selector on Shelf - The Quantity Selector from the Product Quantity app was not working when displayed on a Shelf. Although users were choosing a desired quantity for a certain product, this was not being reflected in the Minicart. Now, everything is working as it should.

Praises ✨

We would not be able to deliver so many amazing results during this last month if it were not for the following outstanding contributors:

Thank you, team! 💪

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