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Release Notes
VTEX IO Release Notes - Week 39&40/2019

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Welcome to the one and only VTEX IO Release Notes!

I bet that you've missed us these past couple weeks, but weep no more 🤗

Not only are we back, but we also have a proper explanation for turning off the lights for all this time: the VTEX IO Release Notes will have a new format from now on, being published every two weeks.

No need for the long face, team... a more extended publication time equals more time to bring together relevant content for you 🎉

Without further ado and with the given explanations, have a quick look at our key releases for weeks 39 and 40 of 2019:

New features 🚀

  • Store v2 Edition - No more headaches with manually installing store v2 compatible apps thanks to Store v2 Edition.
  • Pickup Availability - New feature for strengthening Omnichannel experience? Oh yeah! Check out the new Pickup Availability component.
  • Paging the Search Results - If agility is what you are searching for then this feature is for you. Now, the Search Results component provides a URL for each loaded search results page!
  • Stack Layout - Components overlapping other components. If this seems like something difficult, that's because you're unfamiliar with Stack Layout.
  • Tab Layout - What's better than one layout release? Two of them. The Tab Layout allow the construction of different layouts for your store's tabs.
  • Product Specification Badges - Specifications can define whether a user will or will not buy a certain SKU. Don't waste time and display them in badges with this new component!

Improvements ➕

  • Platform performance - Understand what the VTEX IO performance improvement key points were for week 39 and 40 of 2019.
  • URL field auto-fill - When creating a new page in the admin's Page section, the URL field will automatically propose a path according to the page's chosen title. Isn't it just magical?

Notable bug fixes 🐛

  • Negative discount badges - The DiscountBadge component was displaying negative discount badges, such as -0%, when the product was being sold at a higher price than its original one. This strange behavior is now fixed and the DiscountBadge is not displayed if the product's discount is less than 1%.
  • Attachment default values sent to Checkout - Product attachment default values were being sent to checkout as if users had chosen them, even though they had not. This scenario no longer occurs.
  • tel: Rich Text links attribute - Rich Texts can now interpret the HTML attribute tel: to create links for phone calls. Prior to this bug being fixed, this attribute was not interpreted (Rich Texts could only interpret the mailto attribute, used for sending e-mails).
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