My store translation is not behaving as expected

My store is being translated when it shouldn't

Checking the default locale

Access the API{account} and check the defaultLocale file.

Remember to replace the value between curly brackets with your VTEX account name.

If the defaultLocale value doesn't agree with your store locale, please open a support ticket notifying this issue.

My routes are not behaving as expected

My redirect path doesn't work

Checking if the redirect is saved in the Rewriter

  1. Using the terminal and the VTEX IO CLI, run vtex install vtex.admin-graphql-ide@3.x to install the GraphiQL IDE in your account.
  2. Access the GraphiQL IDE through your account admin.
  3. From the dropdown list, choose the vtex.rewriter@1.x app.
  4. Run the following query, replacing {URL} with the from path you're having trouble with:
{ redirect { get(path: "/{URL}") { from to } } }

The expected answer is a JSON object containing all the redirects related to that path. Take the following example:

{ "data": { "redirect": { "get": { "from": "/about-us", "to": "/my-store" } } } }

If the query doesn't return the redirect path

Open your account admin and go to Storefront > Pages > Redirects. Then, save the desired URL redirects.

For more information, check our doc on managing URL redirects.

If the query returns the redirect path

Check if your Store Theme, or some other app, defined a route with the same path you're trying to save your redirect.

If this route is already declared, the redirect will be ignored.

My store is presenting inconsistencies

Product price is different on Search Results and Product Detail pages

The Search Results and Product Details pages have different indexing processes. This can lead to differences in the price.

  1. Reindex the products presenting inconsistencies.

  2. Check out the value declared for the Search Result's simulationBehavior prop. If set as skip, change it to default.

When the simulationBehavior is set as skip, the Search Results page displays the cold price based on the user cache. In order to fetch and display the latest price registered in the catalog, change it to default.

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My store translation is not behaving as expected
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