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I can't complete a purchase on a FastStore website

While trying to checkout on a FastStore website, you might see a 'This Connection Is Not Private' error.

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When trying to complete a purchase on your FastStore website, you may receive the following error message: This Connection Is Not Private


This error occurs when your browser cannot verify whether a website is safe to visit. It usually happens when the browser notices a problem while creating an SSL connection or cannot verify the certificate.


To solve this problem, there are two troubleshooting checks and instructions you can use:

Step 1 - Configuring an external DNS

Configure an external DNS to allow customers to access your FastStore website through your chosen domain and enable functionalities like VTEX Checkout. Follow the Configuring external DNS guide for more information.

Step 2 - Check the secure subdomain pointing

If the error continues, check if your website's secure subdomain is pointing to secure.{hostname}, where hostname is the complete address of your store. To check, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your preferred tool, such as the DNS Checker, to check DNS records for a given domain name.

  2. Enter secure.{hostname} in the search bar.

  3. Choose CNAME in the dropdown menu.

  4. Check if the secure subdomain is pointing to the secure.{hostname}, as in the example below:

    {"base64":"  ","img":{"width":579,"height":191,"type":"png","mime":"image/png","wUnits":"px","hUnits":"px","length":21995,"url":""}}

If the secure subdomain is pointing to secure.{hostname} but the problem continues, open a ticket to VTEX Support.

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